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The Craving Solution opened its first store in June 2017; a café combined with decor. Quite soon, however, we realized that the cakes were more in demand than expected and just over a year later we decided to move to a store better adapted to them. Today, the company deals exclusively with cakes and dessert tables with related activities such as courses and rental.


Our tear-start has resulted in the title of Swedish Cake Master of the Year 2018, a silver in the Scandinavian Cake Show 2018 and many publications in magazines like BröllopsGuiden, Allt om Bröllop, Tidningen Glutenfritt and not least the baking industry magazine BAKA.

Josefin Emteryd




I have always loved decorating and playing around with different materials. I can sit for hours, sometimes 24 hours straight, with things that I get stuck in. My mother claims that I put puzzles long for myself already as a 2-year-old, but of course that is nothing I can confirm.


I have enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember, but that is not just the basis for The Craving Solution. For me, cakes are a way to bring out unsaturated creativity in combination with a constant search for problem solving. The height and the sharp edges were what intrigued me from the start but today I find new techniques and things to be inspired by to constantly evolve.


I have never been able to do anything "just a little bit" and am a competition person at my fingertips. And I am self-taught with the help of, among countless hours of testing and making mistakes, courses by the world known Jasmine Rae.

Work with us!

Since September Felicia has been working with us in the shop and with the basic baking (a presentation will come about her!). At present we do not employ more people but will be able to open up for an internship after the turn of the year. If you are interested, send an email with a few lines about you, what you want to get out of the practice and during which weeks you are interested in it.

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Årets Tårtmästare 2018 / SWE Cake Maker 2018

Silver, Scandinavian Cake Show 2018


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